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F.A.M.E - Ryan Lambert

CHAMBER  A barren room with textured, off-white wallpaper holds a black sensory deprivation tank, sleeping quarters that hew more closely to a mausoleum. Who's inside? The outside of the device is coated with flashing screens cycling through a dynamic assortment of imagery, replicating the chaos of a social media newsfeed: bathing suit thirst traps, overly-composed lunch photos, war crime footage, ads for every imaginable product, and digital detritus like glitching links, disembodied thumbs, and floating hearts. This semiotic sensory nightmare is scored by thick droning noise.  CHAPEL  Darkness recedes to the edges of a small pentagonal shrine, the perimeter delineated by prayer candles of a distinctly commercial variety. In the center sits Iris, goth attire, shock of vibrant ginger hair draped over her shoulders, intertwined with glowing green vials of toxic waste. Spread around her are an eclectic mix of esoteric spell-books and tabloid magazines. Her eyes are closed in pre-show
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Where We Hung Your Bullwhip Over There - Jim Meirose

Open my mouth and comes out this please prepare my spaghetti dinner immediately !!   fist just sit there like that bursting through to the next level of the warehouse ||said senior flight attendant Jan what seems to be the problem here?|| eat egg sausage what’s the matter why’d you bring those bullwhips  here potatoes eat egg sausage potatoes eat egg sausage potatoes eat eat eat egg sausage pot {wash}[catfish!} atoetat egg saat ps eg spaghetti dinner Earth, g e { who? } y eat egg sage potatoes eat [ w we hung your bullwhip e ca Who are you ? n’t hear you ] egg sausa immediately! stand by here until summoned if you do NOT your punishment will be both swift and severe prosembulage ge potat& Adam-5 oat egg sausage p Number 15 2 egg sa lmighty} e pes eat e {Carmen Basilio}   a [catfish!} t eat egoage pot egg eg please prepare my spaghetti dinner immediately ! g s {pillo} ausa [ we can’t heau ] gage potatoes[ G in the crisis caused by the great big bang od Willing! ] s