In Terminal Gridlock - Jim Meirose

  How the hell much longer will it be before we inch up one foot again damn . and that and that and that and-d-d . where the hell’s the cops eh . late to the dentist again damn they’re going to say sorry find yourself another . with a screaming child in the back to boot I got all the . y’know they ought to do this damn stuff in the middle of the night not . who the hell died, God themselves . . . .   Inch up, up— stop . . . . damn thing’s going to flood out again hear that . the one time I leave on time and look at this can’t win . what is this gross thing they’re building here anyway . ought to have brought a book with me or . and you know, BackWhang!  I swear—when I get in first thing I’m going to do is call the God-damned town . there’s time got to get out and look at that tire. It’s low again . what time is it . gas on E got to get there come on Jesus Christ . I think I read it’s going to be a Jai alai center . how many more hours is this going to go on for . don’t run the ai
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