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Spoil the Child - Alan ten-Hoeve

  JANUARY 13, 2023 Share In 4th grade, Sister Mary Ellen flogged my ass with a wooden ruler in front of the class for shooting a rubber band at the chalkboard. I maintained eye contact with her the whole time, and moaned at every stroke. I’m pretty sure she felt something too. Written by  Alan ten-Hoeve

Everything Counts by Michael Zunenshine

  JANUARY 10, 2023 Share Free hot coffee free therapy free to  Change your lane or just your tire in the  Middle of the screaming highway Everything counts against you When you’re right on time but When you’re in the wrong place Everything costs an extra limb You can fix your entire body Except your thumbs Those belong to the roadkill Photographers Free lunch and free to choose but Costly to lose your cool in the Middle of the mute parking lot Written by  Michael Zunenshine