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[x[x>x]x] - Sloan James

This is the dialectic. Sartre and Hegel. Both slave to philosophy. both slaves to the for-itselfness imbedded in ideology of totalisation. Both masters to history. and so, the irony. The iron will. The aestheticism that elevated their notions nuance and finesse from consciousness and reflective fitness to cooling down intersubjective cooperation. Permanent irreal contemplation. howling about the ontic and the concrete instantiation reifying praxis when the key is, hiding subjectivity in the imagination freely accessible when one pre-reflectively transcends selfless self-fully from facticity through interpolation avoided relativism and solipsism in sensuous situation. The me that justifies itself avoiding for-others and in-itself without oppression and yet for itself, ontologically driven toward the category that is the only avenue to genuine phenomenological conversion. Good faith post bad faith. No overt expression of mere communication. Experience void of self-deception and BANG! th