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Double Hannya, Touching Tongues - Nia Di Gennaro

  FEBRUARY 27, 2023 Share Stirred alive To the pit-pat hum-lax Of the Virgin Mary Slinking toward my body Tucked into the corner Of a used divan Shamelessly She shakes me   From the pretty briars of a deep sleep Containing a beautiful wish   She taps She grates me And I’ve been commissioned To wake Nia, wake! Flops out her pre-crying cock And I get drummed And I fix On the lost life of an insect Smeared over the wall Skid marked And I think of grade three And I think of brown   I rally Show a leg  In a country RSL Where all the people are thick Sauntering about, red Like the’ve pockets full’a rocks Normality is obesity Fatality is normality   Jar of Moccona  Is all I have to work with out here Judgement gulp it Distain sip it But can’t say I hate the son of a bitch In these quarters It’s my only friend   I take a moment  in pardon To recall lovely things I like:   Vivid Spanish tapestries Pastasciutta Sughetto di pomodorino Basilico fresco Espresso e Limoncello Warm sand The laugh of m

Overnight Mikey - Nia Di Gennaro

  FEBRUARY 20, 2023 Share But vines on the up Writhing fresh Valor, colour Gilding the pickets In clover With bursts of tiny blooms Prettying the smoke And oak   And I went quiet Because I want quiet And marred so healthy And then marred no more   Did they grow overnight? While asleep I healed While asleep I tied   Free from worship And wickedness For the teenage demigods Rotting away in the gun meadows   And I saw clean In valiancy   Heavy   And scintilla   Written by  Nia Di Gennaro

Three Shorts by Charles J. March III

  FEBRUARY 8, 2023 Share “No-Reply” We knew that when he was unresponsive, he was living his best life. x x x “Trident” A client of mine accidentally died during a surfing outing, so the lawyers have started to affectionately refer to her as “Aquawoman.” x x x “Veteran’s Day” His hospice nurse started stealing his pills to help her dying dog.     Written by  Charles J. March III