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The Vacation - Alex Antiuk

APRIL 27, 2023 I couldn’t believe there was not a single mention of tacos on their website. The photos on Google didn’t show a single tortilla. My fingers kept scrolling, desperately hoping while I thumbed the touchpad one would appear.  This was going to be the greatest long weekend. But I still asked Bex, who was lounging on the couch, watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Tubi, with ads playing every five minutes, “What if this is a mistake?” My voice trailed nervously. Bex had made it clear, “I won’t say yes in an Applebee’s…” I had spent my tax return on a real ring, and hoped when she finished her chicken wing combo meal and giant, neon green cocktail she’d been happy enough to see past the construction workers at the bar, the local insurance tycoon - the lone suit wearer in town - and the hoards of overweight families who ate there weekly. I had a half eaten, overcooked steak in front of me when I reached into my pocket. I could feel the Kay Jewelers box, their logo deep