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My Best Friend - Alex Antiuk

  OCTOBER 20, 2022 Share    I don’t know why my mom named him Hitler. Hitler was the sweetest, best friend anyone could have. He would make sure that when I had a bad day at school, he’d do a sprint up the doggy stairs next to my bed and lay down right beside me. There was nothing I loved more in this world than cuddling with Hitler, and feeling his tiny, wet, little brown nose poke me on the cheek when he knew I’d been crying.     “Sandy! You’re going to be late!” Linda screamed. She was sitting in the kitchen, most likely smoking a cigarette and drinking Diet Coke.    I fumbled out of bed and watched Hitler hop down his doggy steps. His tiny legs moved quickly, and as I flung on my unwashed jeans and a sweat-shirt I watched Hitler let out a tiny bark. His tiny nose shook as he spoke, and I went and kissed him straight on the head.    “Come’on, Hitler… We’re going to miss the bus…” I said, before I threw my homework into my backpack and flew down the steps. I skipped past Linda, when

Impending Impatience - Nia Di Gennaro

  OCTOBER 18, 2022 Share     Ardour For this crown, dark Avidity In the balm of this chamber, blush Devotion In brevity To this season, long In the slight of an a.m. downpour, gentility How the scene ached to express itself to me Presented by significance Dressed as Violent elegance Intoned as Brutal magnificence Rousing sentience Waking dormant tenderness Bidding attention     To where I lay To where I’d been laying For hours For days     In Your meat Your marrow Your pith In Your depravity I’ve merry walked In Your brine I’ve sticky rolled In your proclivity I’ve risky peeped And quietly We march the death meadow     So as not to stir the bitter wind Or provoke the nightshade starved Who desire a kill     Wings wide Flut-tut overhead And know its menace Hold breath And hold for the pop and glitter And purr with verve Oh, my Thy drugs are quick   Written by  Nia Di Gennaro

Immune Planet - Kenji Siratori

  OCTOBER 15, 2022 Share Aftermath of Paracelsus   i will read something before i understand due to his localization clumsiness than you after me depends on the name not being virus is intervening cyborg itself always alchemist reveal anti-tangle chakras like spiritual earth corpse organ generate brain here finally, when you regurgitate, there is a trick earth about the soul parallel attackers primitive considerations on their own smile living sun destiny's corpse dead hidden in creatures as emotions in firmware quantized and accelerated metal enhances your streaming algorithm causes record variants heterogeneous machines devil attacks is true space machine tools turn you off humans think strategically in territory and put in the tricks of human creatures ... talking zombies with limits … what else hears aggression enjoys more necrotic effusions, but i remain silent about a deliberate union with mankind by creatures develop your deceptive lemurian potential, but it looks like you n