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16mm Situated - Sloan James

  MARCH 11, 2023 Share Image credit: Still from "Tired snail eyes look around on a jog home" —  courtesy of  Lucas Haynes   16mm Situated 28-February-2023     Staving off the lower back pain of a man muddling middle age. But that would mean death at... never mind. The dull and dim concoction of nicotine, Endone, Turkey 101 and THC doesn't quell too much. I thought I was through it. Through with spine serpents snaking and looping and hooping round the bottom of my back, hissing at every movement and threatening bites of venom. Just sink the fangs in already slithering queen of mediocrity. Maybe those days jogging mattresses up staircases for minimum wage are ghosting my future plans. Plans to stand up and walk from one room to another.        We put off dinner because hanging paintings has taken all day. Where does the damn  Rigney  go now that he's away? Gone? in a different place. Another home. One I've never been to. But green pastures for his bare feet to roam.

Spirit Animal - Alan ten-Hoeve

  MARCH 8, 2023 Share Most people like to claim mythical/graceful/stoic/cute creatures as their spirit animal, but for me it is the common pet hamster, rolling around in a plastic ball, it’s own shit constantly raining down on its head with every revolution.   Written by  Alan ten-Hoeve

Old pics 2014ish jpg. - Nia Di Gennaro

  MARCH 7, 2023 Share I saw pictures of myself In youth In love And the shudders they gave   Hurt my neck   Written by  Nia Di Gennaro

January Falls into February - David Hay

  MARCH 1, 2023 Share From the height of your long-lasting sorrows I awoke to a sky scabbed over by stars too old to caress even the ugliest rose with anything but dying light. In the Fallout Zone of human touch, a couple bound by their parent’s routines not the dreamed terrain of deep-velvet tones of swooning love – of the casual suicide and flower adorned motorcycle accidents. Some bitterness runs too deep, and a heart made weak by daily breaks, cannot be fixed. Time fossilises in each wound until the lonely, sainted discovery appears in celestial dark light – that all we have is each other and nothing is so beautifully lost.   Written by  David Hay